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What Constitutes an Emergency?

Any system failure which impedes the ability of a significant part of the department to get work done, particularly the failure of critical services should be considered an emergency. Failed redundant services which can easily be bypassed by moving to a different system, or outages which only affect one or two users, are not considered departmental emergencies.

For example, the File, Web and Mail services are critical - they should be available at all times. If any of these services appears to have crashed, contact systems staff immediately.

If your desktop or a compute node (e.g., Larc, Stretch, Power8) has crashed, and you can continue working by moving to another system, please do so, and notify root by mail. Please exercise some discretion, and do not contact systems staff at 2AM to report a printing emergency.

Emergency Procedures

Please contact the emergency hotline first - to see if the problem has already been reported. That line will have one of two recorded messages:

  • A message indicating we believe all systems are operational and contact phone numbers for staff.
  • A message summarizing the problem and offering an ETA.
  • If there is an emergency and we aren't yet aware of it, please contact us immediately - we really do want to know if the Mail, Web or Fileservers have gone down - even at 3AM. It is not possible to leave a message on the hotline - it is not attached to any telephone and nobody polls the line for messages.

    Emergency Contact Information

    Hotline (434)982-2271

    Scott Ruffner (434)260-4290(c), (540-672-4052(h)

    Rick Stillings (434)953-5043

    Brian Donato (434)327-9800

    Essex Scales (434)263-5206

    Kevin Miles (434)242-6584