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Community Lists Of Interest

Our department has a variety of lists available for subscription. Listed below are the ones that are most commonly used. If you would like a full list of the various lists please email (we have disabled our page containing all the lists as spam-bots were attacking the page).

Specific Mailman Lists

CS-Announce a.k.a. CSAnnounce

This is a mailing list for all grad students, faculty, staff, alumni, and some undergrads. System Information as well as updates about departmental news are sent via this list.
Click here to sign up for the CS-Announce mailing list.

CS-Grads a.k.a. CSGrads

This is for all graduate students. You do not have to sign up specifically for this mailing list, but rather, after signing up for your year specific grad list (ie. GradsXX) you will automatically get any mailings that are sent to the CS-Grads list.
The year following Grads should correspond to the year that you entered the graduate program. For example, if you began at UVA in 2004, you should subscribe to Grads04.

CS-Ugrads a.k.a. CSUgrads

This list is for undergraduate students of the CS department. Important announcements are sent via this list (graduation information for example) so it is highly recommended that you do not unsubscribe from it. Like the CS-Grads list, if you sign up for your individual Ugrad list, you will automatically be subscribed to CS-Ugrads.
To sign up for your year specific Ugrads lists, see here. The year that you will graduate is the UgradXX group that you belong to. For example if you are to graduate in 2007, you should subscribe to Ugrads07.

CS-Faculty a.k.a. CSFaculty

An unarchived Mailman list, membership consists only of tenure-track and teaching faculty.

CS-Research a.k.a. CSResearch

A list for all parties working full-time with active research groups. Its archives are private (closed to list members)

CS-Instructors a.k.a. CSInstructors

A list for anyone teaching CS courses (excluding TA's and GTA's); its archives are private.

CS-Staff a.k.a. CSStaff

A list for staff only. To be added to this list, please email and they will add you to it.


The ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) is for students, faculty, and staff alike. Even interested residents of the Charlottesville / Albemarle community are welcome. To learn more about about our ACM chapter and what they do, visit their website.
For information about the national ACM see here.
Click here if you would like to sign up for the ACM-Announce mailing list.


The ACM-W is a chapter of a national group aimed at attracting and maintaining female computer scientists. Thus, the UVa chapter of the ACM-W will strive to ensure that there is a healthy mix of female engineers in computer science along with providing guest speakers and activities aimed at the female computer science community.
If you are interested in ACM-W (both males and females are welcome), sign up for their mailing list.

Happy Hour

This list is for people who want to get together once a week for dinner (and drinks) at a variety of restaurants around Charlottesville.


This is a mailing list for Anime Fans.


Students and Staff who want to play basketball.


For members of the department who are devotees of the holy game of poker.


A list to organize pick-up football games. This is primarily intended for American Football, but sometimes we may play Soccer.