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System Information

University of Virginia Department of Computer Science

Configuring Netscape E-mail

Step 1: Set up your identity

Your userid will be told to you. It will be a standard UVA User ID, like mst3k.

  1. Go to preferences on the Edit menu.
  2. Click on Mail & Groups in the categories.
  3. Fill Out the form as shown. You can also use a signature file, if you like.
    A signature file contains text which is appended to the bottom of every email message you send. Things like phone number and fax number are good to put in a signature file.
email.2.gif (17073 bytes)

Step 2: Mail Server Settings

  1. Select the Mail Server category.
  2. Enter for your incoming and outgoing mail server.
  3. Enter whatever is to the left of the @ sign in your email address as your user name. Note: this must be all lower case.
  4. Select the IMAP server type. POP3 will not work.
email.3.gif (20454 bytes)

This is the minimal configuration necessary. You can now send and receive email using your account. There are plenty of other options which you may want to set in your email, but they are not strictly necessary.

These steps are basically the same steps as Cornerstone's Email Page with the following exceptions:

  1. Substitute everywhere you see
  2. We use IMAP, not POP3
  3. We prefer Netscape to Eudora

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