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Spam Filtering

All e-mails coming into the department are processed by SpamAssassin (for more information on this, see our SpamAssassin page). SpamAssassin does *not* do any sort of filtering. It only supplies the scores which the user can then take advantage of to create his/her own filtering.
There are two basic ways to do filtering. On the client-side (recommended) or the server side. Both are described below.


Client-side filtering is especially useful if you are using Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook. Both provide easy to use interfaces to set up spam filtering. Additionally, doing spam filtering on the client-side saves processing on the mail server which is beneficial for the department as a whole.
Instructions on how to set up spam filtering:


Server-side filtering is often used by those running Unix mail clients like Pine. It can also be utilitzed by the Thunderbird and Outlook users, but a few extra steps are necessary.
See our procmail page to learn how to set this up.

Filtering Regular E-mail

Filtering can be used to help you sort out your emails. Sorting can be done based on Sender, Receiver, Subject, etc. and the marked e-mails placed in specific folders or deleted immediately.


See our instructions based on your e-mail client of choice:


Procmail can easily be manipulated to filter regular emails along with just filtering out spam. Our procmail generator can set these up for you, or see our procmail page for syntax assistance.