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Creating an IMAP account in Thunderbird:

  • Start Thunderbird for the first time and the Account wizard should appear.

    Select "Email Account" and click on "Next"

  • On the next page, fill in the "Your Name:" text box with the name you would like to appear in the "From" filed of your outgoing messages. Then enter in your CSDOM email address where appropriate.

  • On the "Account Wizard" page make sure to select IMAP and set the Incoming and Outgoing server to and select "Next".

  • Now ensure that "Incoming User Name" is the same as your unix account userID and click "Next".

  • Enter in an "Account Name" and then click on "Next".

    Review your information and once you are sure it is correct, select "Finish".

There are a few more steps that we need to do:

Setting up SMTP over SSL

  • In the mail client go to "Tools" -"Account Settings"

    Under the "Server Settings" option, choose "SSL" under the Security Settings

  • Under "Outgoing Server (SMTP)", check "SSL" under the "Use Secure Connection"

  • Click "Okay" and exit.>

    Now select "Get Messages" to download your mail.

    The first time you connect to the mail server you will see a warning message saying "Website Certified by an Unknown Authority". This message is displayed as the CS department certificate is self-signed, which is fine.

    To make this message go away, select the "Accept this certificate permanently".

Information for users migrating from another email client to Thunderbird:'s instructions on Migrating from Other Clients