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Email Migration

Background Information


The Department of Computer Science Systems Staff is currently phasing out email services on CS servers and coordinating a transition and migration of email services from CS servers to University ITC servers. At the end of this phase of the transition, all mail addressed to your account will be forwarded directly to your address.

What this means to you

Action is required on your part as well as ours in order to start and finish this transition. These pages should guide you through the steps needed to correctly access and redirect your email to its final destination on ITC's servers. If during any part of this transition you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Systems Staff at

Where will all my email go?

All of your email will end up on UVA's ITC email server called the Central Mail Service, or CMS for short. Most of the students and faculty at the University already have a CMS account set up and use it regularly. If you are unfamiliar with the CMS or you do not use it regularly, this transition will cover the steps required to access it. This transition will be quicker for those who already have their CMS account set up.

What will happen during this transition?

The detailed steps in the following pages will guide you through the following main concepts:
  • Making sure you have an active ITC Central Mail Server (CMS) account with knowledge of your CMS password
  • Guiding you through the email configuration options available on the CMS
  • Setting up access to your CMS account through your preferred email client
  • Setting your ITC deliverable email address to your CMS account
    • At this point, all email sent to you at will go to your CMS account
  • Emailing Systems Staff in order to redirect your CS email address
    • After our response, all email sent to you at will be forwarded to your account, which will go to your CMS account

What will happen after this transition?

  • All email addressed to you at will end up in your CMS account.
  • Your address will still be a valid email address for as long as you have a CS account.
  • No new email addressed to you at will accumulate in your CS mailbox. Any ~/.forward files or ~/.procmailrc processing files will be bypassed and ignored.
  • Your old CS email will still be accessible through the same way you access it now (either via IMAP or the webmail interface) until at least the end of the current semester, if not longer.
  • Since you will have access to your old CS email, you will (at your choice) be able to move old mail to the CMS effortlessly through drag-and-drop in your email client.