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Email Migration

Step 4: Registered Deliverable Email Address Check

What is a "registered deliverable email address"?

You may have been thinking that your CMS account always represents your email. In reality, the real email address for your CMS account is Your email address is just that - an address, and not an account. ITC's registered deliverable email address mechanism (previously known simply as a "registered email address") provides a way to link your address to accounts such as the CMS. This step is to check that your registered deliverable email address does not point to CS servers and instead points to the CMS.

Check your registered delivered email addresses

Click on the link below to access the "Manage Deliverable Addresses" of the UVA Email Address Management system: You should be able to see (or mst3k@[a-z] in this list. If not, type in [your UVA computing ID, such as mst3k] into the box, press Submit, and click on the confirmation link in the automated email sent to your CMS account.

Check your alias links

Once you have checked your registered deliverable email address, you must link them to your addresses at Click on the link below to access the "Manage Aliases" of the UVA Email Address Management system: Click on "" in the list, and press Select. Once the page reloads, you should see all the email addresses you own at the domain For each email address listed there, make sure that the "Deliverable Address" is (or mst3k@[a-z] If not, choose it in the dropdown box and click on Submit.
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