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Email Migration

Step 2: CMS Email Options

Login to CMS Webmail

Login to the CMS webmail interface: Once logged in, click on "Settings" on the top bar.

Change your password if one was generated for you by ITC

If you just created your CMS account, had your password reset, or just want to change your password, it would be best to take care of that now. On the left bar, click on "Change Password" and follow the instructions, noting the guidelines for password strength.

Make sure you're not forwarding to CS!

On the left bar, click on "Forwarding" and make sure that your is NOT in the forwarding box. If it is, please remove the forwarding by changing the dropdown box to "Disable". You should never forward your CMS mail to your as this will cause a mail loop and you will lose all of your incoming mail.

Information on SPAM settings

Although you can set up spam filtering options by going to the "Spam" link on the left bar, please keep in mind that ITC has instituted an emergency measure regarding spam handling on the CMS: What this means is ITC will throw out any email it deems positively identified as spam without putting it in the customary uva-potential-spam folder.

Take a look around

Now that you've taken care of the items of interest for this transition, feel free to look around and customize some other settings.
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