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Email Migration

Step 5: Contact Systems Staff

We take care of pointing your CS address to your main UVA ITC address

The last step in this migration is to let us know you've done the previous steps so we can finish the process of pointing your address to Email us at from your email client (sent through your new CMS account) with the following information:
  • Your UVA computing ID (e.g. mst3k) and your CS login username (if it differs)
  • Any known aliases you own on both ITC ( and CS (
By sending from your new CMS account, you will be able to make sure that you can send as well as receive email - our automated task system will send you a reply immediately after you send us the request. Within a day or two, you should receive test messages from us confirming that you can receive email from all your CS and UVA aliases as well as a confirmation email on a successful migration.

Thanks for your time and patience!

Once you get a final email from us confirming success, the migration is finished - thanks for your time and patience while we move the entire department over to ITC!

- Systems Staff

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