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There are a variety of newsgroups provided through UVa. Newsgroups are essentially digital bulletin boards where people can post messages. There are over 4000 different newsgroups available here at UVa. Some are local groups while there are also those that are global. The different types of newgroups available include things such as uva-want-ads, computer related groups, sport groups, etc.
ITC has a list of the most common newsreaders to use. For most newsreaders, you must sign up for an NNTP account with ITC before you will be able to log on; especially for use off-grounds. You can sign up for an NNTP account here.

Reading News with Internet Explorer

Instructions are provided for setting up Internet Explorer to access the newsgroups here.

Reading News with Pine

At the Main Menu, enter Setup (S) and then Configure (C). For the value where it lists nntp-server, enter in Exit the Setup and Save any changes you made.
Return your screen to the collection list, and you will now see that below your Mail box, News on will be listed. If you enter, you can subscribe to the various newsgroups by Adding (A) and then choosing which list you would like to be subscribed to. After you subscribe once, you will be able to access that newsgroup from your groups listing.

Other Readers

Again, ITC has a list of the most common newsreaders to use.
If you would like to use a different news reading client, and have trouble setting it up on your own, please email