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Filtering in Thunderbird

Spam Filtering

Mozilla Thunderbird makes filtering spam very easy.
From the Menu Bar choose: Tools -> Junk Mail Controls
We recommend the following settings:

Note to trust SpamAssassin for mail headers.
Additionally, see that we recommend you do not automatically delete the marked "Junk" mail but rather move them to a Junk mail folder that can be reviewed occassionally to ensure no important messages are accidentally marked as spam.

Regular Mail Filtering

Thunderbird provides the ability to sort individual messages based on various attributes like Sender, Receiver, Subject matter, etc. Follow these simple steps:
From the Menu Bar, choose: Tools -> Message Filters

Choose "New" to create a new filter

Choose the appropriate values from the drop-down menus to create the filter(s) you desire.
Based on the matching criteria, you can then choose the appropriate action which you want to take place.