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Departmental Backups

The department maintains a regular backup of all the files on our principle file servers. If you delete or corrupt data, and it is on one of our backup tapes, we will restore it.

What is Backed Up

The two primary file servers (athena and apollo) are backed up.

Individual PCs are NOT backed up. None. Period. If you store data on a PC's hard disk, it is at risk. Don't do that.

The Backup Schedule

Because we have close to 1 Tb of data to back up, we must back it up in an incremental schedule. There are 2 tapes in our schedule: monthly and daily tapes.

The current schedule looks like this:

Tape Monthly Daily
What does it store? Everything on the system. Everything that has changed since the most recent monthly tape was written.
When is it written? During the first two weeks of every month. Every night.
How long is it stored? Two years. Two weeks.

How to Get Files Back