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Changing Passwords

We do not explicitly enforce the use of passwords that are resistant to brute-force ( dictionary) attacks, but strongly encourage you to choose your passwords wisely. For information on how to choose a good password, see here.


To change your password under Unix, use /bin/passwd.*


While logged onto CSDOM, hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and click "Change Password."*

*Remember that Windows and Unix passwords are *not* the same unless you set them that way yourself.


The easiest way to change your MySQL account password is to log on to the mysql client itself and change the password thru the command line.

1) Log on to one of the interactives or power nodes. Get onto the mysql client by running:
mysql -h mysql -u username -p
2) You will be queried for your current password to sign in.
3) You then need to run the "set password" command. The syntax is as follows:

SET PASSWORD FOR 'bob'@'' = PASSWORD('newpass');

That is equivalent to the following statements:

UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD('newpass')
WHERE User='bob' AND Host='';


1) Log into ELMS using your user id, typically

2) Once successfully logged into the ELMS site, click on the button titled "My Profile"

3) Simply click on the "Change Password" link and you will be prompted to change it.