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Adding a Printer in Windows

KORE is the primary print server for the Windows environment. DEMETER acts as a backup for KORE, so in the event that KORE is down, you may choose to use DEMETER's print queues. In the following examples, we'll use queues from KORE.

These instructions are for machines logged onto our Windows domain, CSDOM. To add printers to personal machines that are not on the domain, you must first authenticate yourself to CSDOM by running the following command at the DOS prompt:

net use n: \\kore\netlogon /USER:CSDOM\myusername

You will be prompted for your Windows password; once you've provided that, you can follow the following steps.

Adding Printers

To add a printer, select Printers and Faxes from the Start Menu.

This will pull up your computer's printer listing. The actual content will vary depending on which printers you currently have installed, if any. Printers are identified by their queue name and the print server which services that queue. For example, the printer labeled "BW on KORE" is an alternating queue that prints documents to printers CS-BW1 and CS-BW2.

To add a CS network printer, select "Add a printer" under the Printer Tasks tab. A wizard will begin. Click "Next>" in the window that opens. The following window will then be displayed. Select the second radio button and click "Next>".

When prompted to specify a printer, click the "Connect to this printer" button. Leave the dialog box blank and click "Next>" to browse for the printer of your choice.

The "Browse for Printer" window will then open. Expand "CSDOM" under "Microsoft Windows Network" in the menu by double-clicking on it, then expand the entry for KORE. Select the printer you wish to add and click "Next>".

If you want the documents you print to go to the printer you've just added by default, select "Yes" at the Default Printer window. Click "Next>".

The final window gives the physical location of the printer you've added along with a description of its capabilities.