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Color Printing

The department has two color inkjet printers, color-laser1 and color-laser2. Color-laser2 is located in 236, while color-laser1 is temporarily located in Republic Plaza.

Appropriate Use

If you are printing colored graphics for a presentation, a thesis, conference or some other research-related activity, you are using the printers as intended.

Inappropriate Use

  • The color printers should not be used to make signs for offices, party announcements, or greeting cards.
  • They are not to be used to print every color GIF on the network.
  • They are not to be used to print flight plans and maps for personal trips.
  • They should not be used to print drafts. Either preview color drafts on your screen, or print drafts in black and white.
  • They should not be used by anyone who does not have a CS account.

Encouraged Use

The following points are meant to encourage users to use the color printers in the most efficient, cost-effective, or polite way.
  • Use only the correct transparencies. Using the wrong transparencies (i.e., using the Lexmark transparencies in an HP printer) will not work.
  • If you have only a handful of color pages, in an otherwise black and white document, consider printing the black and white pages on a black and white printer. Printing black and white on the color printers is much more expensive than printing on a black and white printer.