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Adding a Printer on a Mac

Adding a Printer from a Mac

First, open "Printer Setup Utility" which resides under /Applications/Utilities. It looks like this:

Click on the button labeled "Add". This brings up the following dialog:

Holding down the Option (alt) key, click "More Printers..." which drops down a sheet, thus:

From the topmost dropdown menu (showing "AppleTalk" by default) select "Advanced." The sheet changes to:

Change the Device type, by selecting "Windows Printing via SAMBA" from the menu labeled "Device". Then, give the device a name that will remind you of the printer you are setting up (for instance, the name of the printer as set by System Staff). Finally, set the device URI: this will be formatted as "smb://" Select the correct printer model from the menu labeled "Printer Model" and click Add. Here's what the sheet looks like when it's set up for color-laser1:

And then you are done, and it should work.

*A special thanks to Tony Aiello for providing us with these great instructions and snapshots!