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Poster Printer

The department owns an HP DesignJet 2500CP large-format ink-jet printer. It uses essentially the same technology as the DeskJet printers, but on very large paper
This document contains
  • Summary of the printer and its capabilities
  • Overview of the various Paper Sizes and Types
  • Guidelines for using the printer
  • List of applications capable of using its features
  • Tips and Tricks


HP DesignJet 2500 CP
Page Size
3 feet wide, up to 100 feet long
Print Queue Name
Olsson 233

Paper Sizes and Types

There are many different paper sizes to choose from when printing your poster. See our Paper Sizes page to view a list of many different international and unusual sizes with dimensions as well as the more common types.
We currently have three types of paper available
1. Coated paper
2. Semi-gloss paper
3. High-gloss photo paper (default)
Please do not attempt to change paper yourself. Ask an administrator (i.e. send mail to to change paper for you.
HP has a nice help page to assist you in deciding which type of media will best suit your purpose. Remember that this is a DesignJet 2500CP, you will need that information to help you decide.
For some extra general information, HP also has a page of Large Format Print Media that is compatible with our poster printer. This page also lists a variety of information about various applications.

Guidelines for Using the Poster Printer

This printer is for Computer Science research use only!
It is not to be used for printing your favorite Pink Floyd poster or photos of your dog.

Printing requires administrative access.
To request permission to print to the poster printer, please send email to

Applications Capable of Utilizing the Printer

Windows Applications
  • Visio
  • PowerPoint*
  • Photoshop (only on the public machines in the lounge and 238)
  • FrameMaker - Frame Template
  • Tips and Tricks

    * Printing a PowerPoint presentation on one big poster tends to create a very nice looking, professional poster. Just make sure if you are printing only one slide, that you check the "scale to fit paper" box before sending it to the printer.

    For How-Tos on making different types of posters, visit the HP Applications page.