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Remote Desktop

Home -> Departmental Machine

You can Remote Desktop to your deptartmental machine from home quite easily. There is no need to do port forwarding, since you get a static, routable IP address here.
Just start up the client at home and type in <hostname> under "Computer" and provide your credentials. You may need to specify CSDOM as the domain under "Options>>".

Departmental Machine -> Home Computer

Note: Only a computer with Windows XP Professional (not Home) will allow you to remote desktop to it.
The biggest difference in setting up remote desktop is going to come with whether or not you use a router at home. If you have a router a few extra steps must be taken. Otherwise skip down to Setting up the IP Address.

With a router

Each router is a little bit different, but there are a couple steps that must be taken to enable remote desktop.
  • Two ports must be forwarded: Port 3389 which Remote Desktop requires and the port you specified in the TCP Port field in Internet Information Services (by default is port 80). See the "Configure Your Router" section of this page for additional assistance.
  • Also, the computer within your private network which you want to remote into must be specified; consult the users manual of your router for the directions on how to do this.

Setting up the IP Address

These steps are for people who do not have a static IP address assigned to their machine. Those with a static IP can skip to the Last Details section.
Typically the IP address assigned to your computer by your network provider, while not static, will not change all too often. So with this being the case, you have two options.
  • Take your chances and risk not being able to access your computer every once in a while when the IP is renewed, and have to manually update it when the time is appropriate.
  • You can sign up for dynamic dns. This will provide your computer with a hostname that you can remote desktop to. Additionaly, you can set it up so that if your IP changes, it will automatically update. A good, free provider of these services is

Last Details

Windows requires that the username which you are logged into on the computer from which you are using Remote Desktop (your departmental machine -> your CSDOM account username) must be in the Remote Desktop Users Group of your home computer.
To add someone to the Remote Desktop Users Group:
  • Right-click on My Computer, Choose Manage
  • Double-click on Local Users and Groups, Choose Groups
  • Double-click Remote Desktop Users
  • Choose Add (located underneath the Members box)
  • Enter your departmental username in the box
  • Click Ok
Additional, more in-depth information can be found on the Windows website. This is meant to be a brief overview of the key points. As always, email if you need additional assistance.