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Report Emergencies

Depending on what the problem is, and when it occurs, you should contact different people.

Urgent Problems

If any essential server is down, or many machines are inoperative, it is an urgent problem. During business hours (8:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday), see the staff in room 113. After business hours, call our emergency hotline: 982-2271. The essential servers are:

Athena NFS Server Apollo NFS Server mail Mail server
Argo NIS, Unix Print Server www WWW Server
Kore** Win 2003 Domain Controller,
Windows Print Server
Demeter** Win 2003 Domain Controller


Win 2003 Domain Controller

If more than one compute server or more than one interactive server is down, that is also an urgent problem.

**Because Kore, Demeter and Eirene share the load of responsibility over our Windows network, it is not an emergency if one or even two of them are down simultaneously. An emergency situation arises only in the rare case that all three are down. If you are experiencing networking problems on the Windows side and the "ping" command fails for all three (this consists of a "Request timed out." message), please contact our emergency hotline at 982-2271.

Non-Urgent Problems

If only one machine is down, such as a personal workstation or an interactive server, this is not an emergency and should be reported to the staff via e-mail. Send mail to and let us know what machine is down; until staff can address the problem, feel free to use one of the public machines in Room 233.

Non-Computer Emergencies

Emergencies like fire, theft, or vandalism: Call the Police: 9-911.

Environmental problems, like heating, cooling, or water leaking, or stuck doors, etc: Call the Facilities Management Systems Control: 4-1777. It is staffed 24-hours a day for these sorts of emergencies.