System Information
System Information

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Viruses and Worms

Step 1: make yourself a pubkey/privkey pair:

 $ ssh-keygen -t dsa

Step 2: rename the pubkey to authorized_keys:

 $ cd ~/.ssh
 $ mv authorized_keys

Step 3: scp the authorized_keys file into ~/.ssh/ on all machines you want to be able to connect to.

Step 4: run the ssh-agent and load your privkey into it.  Use the following script, which is called "sshrun", to do that.

  eval `ssh-agent`
  ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_dsa
  ssh-agent -k
  exec clear

Step 5: try sshing into one of the boxes in question.  If it doesn't let you in without a password, it's probably a file or directory permissions problem.  Email to have the syslog checked and find out exactly what happened.

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