The University of Virginia Information Retrieval Group


Charles Viles, Outstanding Research Graduate Student, 1995-96.
Allison Powell, Outstanding Research Graduate Student, 1997-98.
T. J. Funkhouser, Undergraduate Research and Design Symposium Finalist, 1999.
Kevin Prey, Computer Science Undergraduate Research Award, 1999-2000.
Edward O'Neil, Outstanding Research Graduate Student, 2000-01.
David Hauver, Undergraduate Research and Design Symposium Finalist, 2001.
David Hauver, CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Award (honorable mention), 2000-01.
David Hauver, Computer Science Undergraduate Research Award, 2000-01.
Allison Powell, UMI Doctoral Dissertation Award, 2001
Xiangyu Jin, Outstanding Research Graduate Student, 2004-05.

Current Members

James French

Xiangyu Jin

Past Members

Cheng Tang MCS, 1991
Mriganka Das MS, 1991
Lana DuRant MCS, 1992
Jerome Terry MCS, 1992
Julio Barros MCS, 1993
Nam Ho Kim Ph.D, 1993
Sonia Henry MCS, 1993
Francis Julian MCS, 1994
John Jones MCS, 1994
Greg Wohlford MCS, 1995
Mary Ann Stumbaugh MCS, 1995
Allison Powell MCS, 1995
Charles Viles Ph.D, 1996
Jessica Reed BS, 2000
Jennifer Muter BA, 2000
Walter Creighton III BS, 2000
Bei Wu MS, 2000
Travis Emmitt MS, 2000
Kevin Prey BS, 2000
Jonathan Buster BS, 2000
Tram Phan MCS, 2000
Edward O'Neil MS, 2001
Michael Stuart Tashbook
Allison Powell Ph.D, 2001
A. C. Chapin
James V. S. Watson
Zhengping Wu

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