Strata is a framework for doing software dynamic translation research. 

Strata operates in coroutine with the application, dynamically examining each instruction of the application before it is allowed to execute.



Strata is:

  • Low overhead - it uses its fragment cache to amortize the cost of translating the application.
  • Flexible - Strata is implemented on x86, Sparc, and MIPS, and able to be easily extended.
  • The basis for numerous tools in security, optimization, and profiling. 
  • Available by contacting one of the project members.

Selected Papers

Retargetable and Reconfigurable Software Dynamic Translation  by K. Scott, N. Kumar, S. Velusamy, B. Childers, J.W. Davidson and M.L. Soffa in CGO'03

Evaluating Fragment Construction Policies for SDT Systems by J.D. Hiser, D. Williams, A. Filipi, B. Childers, J.W. Davidson in VEE'06

Secure and Practical Defense Against Code-injection Attacks by W. Hu, J.D. Hiser, D. Williams, A. Filipi, J.W. Davidson, D. Evans, J. C. Knight, A. Nguyen-Tuong, and J. Rowanhill in VEE'06