This is a simple python program meant to vizualize build dependencies. It grabs scons --tree=all output and converts it to a graphviz dot graph. The current version of is found here (HTML scons2dot.html).


  | +-call.s
  | | +-call.c
  | | +-/usr/bin/g++
  | +-/usr/bin/g++

  | +-call.s
  | | +-call.c
  | | +-/usr/bin/g++
  | +-/home/dww4s/research/metaman/mm_v2/bin/

Gets converted to the following using dot:

Using the command:

scons --tree=all -n |

Note that uses the basename of the entry as the label, though the entire string is stored in the Node data structure. If the --save option is used, the dot output is saved to a temp file, dot is invoked, and the resulting file is saved, as specified by --outfile.

Invoke -h for more info on command options.


author:Dan Williams (
Last doc rebuild:
copyright:University of Virginia, 2009
python version:2.4