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This pledge applies to all of cs1120. Please read it carefully before signing. Cross out and remark on any statements you are not willing to agree to. We assume students are honorable without you saying so, but also recognize that explicit reminders are sometimes useful for reducing temptation to behave dishonorably. To reinforce this, all written assignments should be signed "with honor" or "honorificabilitudinitas".

Turn in a printed, signed pledge in class on Friday, 28 August.

I will not lie, cheat or steal.

If I am unsure whether something would be considered lying, cheating or stealing, I will ask before doing it. Looking at solutions to assignments from previous cs1120, cs150, and cs200 courses is considered cheating, and I will not do it without getting permission first.

I will do what I can to help my fellow classmates learn. Except when specifically instructed not to, this means when other students ask me for help, I will attempt to provide it. I will look at their answers and discuss what I think is good or bad about their answers. I will help others improve their work, but will not give them my answers directly. I will try to teach them what they need to know to discover solutions themselves. I grant the course staff permission to reproduce and distribute excerpts from my submissions for teaching purposes.

I will ask for help. I will make a reasonable effort to do things on my own first (or with my partners for group assignment), but will ask my classmates or the course staff for help before getting overly frustrated.

I will provide useful feedback. I realize that cs1120 is an evolving course and it is important that I let the course staff know what they need to improve the course. I will not wait until the end of the course to make the course staff aware of any problems. I will provide feedback either anonymously or by contacting the course staff directly. I will fill out all course evaluation surveys honestly and thoroughly.

If I like the course, I will help promote it by telling my friends about it. If I really like the course, I may even tell professors and deans about it. If I don't like the course, I will make sure the course staff know why.

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