University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS200: Computer Science, Spring 2003

Notes: Wednesday 15 January 2002
Assignments Due

Notes and Questions
What is Computer Science?

Why is Computer Science not a real science?

Why is Computer Science not really engineering?

Moore's Law: Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, observed in 1965 that transistor density approximately doubles every 18 months. In rough terms, this means that the amount of computing power you can get for a fixed price doubles every 18 months. (Its not a "law", its an observation, but so far it seems to hold remarkably well.)

If it takes 60 seconds to compute a photomosaic for Problem Set 1 today on a typical PC, estimate how long it will take CS200 students in 2006 to compute the same photomosaic? How long will it take in 2009?

Which of the original seven liberal arts are part of Computer Science?

Are there any non-recursive natural languages? What would happen to a society that spoke one?


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