import java.awt.Color;

public class Bar extends SimObject {
	//	OVERVIEW:  A Bar is a subtype of SimObject which represents a bar.  
	//	It does not move but the crawler can visit a Bar and purchase 
	//	drinks.

	protected boolean/*@non_null@*/ inTurn;
	public/*@non_null@*/ String state;

	public Bar() {
		inTurn = false;
		state = "Bar";

	public Color getColor()
	//Effects: returns the color associated with this
	//@ensures \result == Color.magenta  
		return Color.magenta;
	} //@nowarn NonNullResult

	public void executeTurn() throws RuntimeException {
		//  EFFECTS:  No action is taken, pause while crawler orders drinks.

//Modeled after and modified