import java.awt.Color;

public class Home extends SimObject {
	//  OVERVIEW:  Home is a subtype of SimObject that represents the 
	//  crawler's home.  It does not move or interact with Crawler but
	//  crawler cannot return home if he is not drunk enough.
	protected boolean/*@non_null@*/ inTurn;
	protected String/*@non_null@*/ state;

	public Home () {
		inTurn = false;
	public Color getColor() 
	//	Effects: returns the color associated with this
	//@ensures \result ==
	}//@nowarn NonNullResult

	public void executeTurn () throws RuntimeException{
	//  EFFECTS:  No action is taken, delay while Crawler determines
	//  if game will end or not.  Game will end if crawler has
	//  enough drinks.  
			delay (500);			

//Class modeled loosely after (PS5)