import java.awt.Color;

public class Player extends RandomWalker {
	//  OVERVIEW: Player is a supertype class for other Simulated 
	//  Objects involved in Corner Crawl and initializes money,drinks,etc.
	//  Player is actually a subtype of RandomWalker itself  

	private boolean /*@non_null@*/inTurn;
	private String /*@non_null@*/state;
	public Player /*@non_null@*/Neighbor;
	public int /*@non_null@*/drinks, money;

	public Player() {
		inTurn = false;
		drinks = 0;
		money = 50;

	public Color getColor()
	//	Effects: returns the color associated with this
		if (inTurn) {
		} else {
	} //@nowarn NonNullResult // ESC/Java doesn't know Color constants are not null

//modeled loosely after