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05 April 2010

cs205 Friday 22 September 2006

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Midterm Exam

The midterm exam will be handed out next Friday, 29 September, and due Monday, 2 October. It will cover material through class 15 (Monday, 25 September) including problem sets 1-3, chapters 1-5, 7, 9, and 10, and lectures 1-15. The exam is take home and open book, but you will not be permitted to use other humans or a Java compiler for the exam (unless you write your own).

You should not be surprised if the exam contains questions about specifying procedures, data abstraction, specifying data abstractions, implementing data abstractions (including choosing good representations, rep invariants and abstraction functions), testing, and subtyping.

The recommended ways to study for the exam are:

  1. Go over the sample exam posted last week ( http://www.cs.virginia.edu/evans/cs205/exams/sample1/exam.html). After you have tried the questions on your own, read the comments (http://www.cs.virginia.edu/cs205/exams/sample1/comments.html).
  2. Go over the problem sets and make sure you understand the comments.
  3. Look over the notes and check that you can answer the questions on the notes.
  4. Re-read sections from the book
Substitution Principle

ParametersPsub ≥ Psuper
Preconditionspre_super implies pre_sub
ResultRsub ≤ Rsuper
Postconditionspost_sub implies post_super
Propertiesproperties_sub implies properties_super

If A implies B, which is stronger?

Remember the logical table for implies (A => B):
Subtyping Example

   MysteryType1 mt1;
   MysteryType2 mt2;
   MysteryType3 mt3;
   ... (anything could be here)
   mt1 = mt2.m (mt3);
If the Java compiler is happy with this code, which of these are guaranteed to be true:
  1. The apparent type of mt2 is MysteryType2

  2. At the last statement, the actual type of mt2 is MysteryType2

  3. MysteryType2 has a method named m

  4. The MysteryType2.m method takes a parameter of type MysteryType3

  5. The MysteryType2.m method returns a subtype of MysteryType1

  6. After the last statement, the actual type of mt1 is MysteryType1

Strangely enough, some workers in the field have been advocating a contravariant policy. Here it would mean that if we go for example to class RANKED_GIRL, where the result of roommate is naturally redefined to be of type RANKED_GIRL, we may for the argument of routine share use type GIRL, or rather scaringly, SKIER of the most general kind. One type that is never permitted in this case is RANKED_GIRL! Here is what, under various mathematical excuses, some professors have been promoting. No wonder teenage pregnancies are on the rise.
Bertrand Meyer's justification for violating the substitution principle from Static Typing and Other Mysteries of Life