Fall 2011 Course

The Fall 2011 offering of cs2220 will be taught by Kevin Sullivan and meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30pm. This website is the Fall 2010 course.

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Final Exam Handout

The final exam handout is here: [PDF].

Note: I have corrected the sentence about resources to make it clear that you are not expected to use notes during the exam. I should read: During the exam, you should not expect to use any resources, in particular, you may not use any notes.. Sorry for any confusion this caused!

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Project Presentations

Each team with have an opportunity in class Tuesday to present your final project.

You have up to 10 minutes for your presentation. Your presentation should be prepared. There should be a plan for how you will use your time effectively to get the main points across well and how to fit in what you say with your demo.

Teams that do excellent project presentations Tuesday (including a working demo) will not need to submit project reports. You will be notified shortly after class Tuesday if you qualify.

The presentation order is:

  • James Blanton, Sam Herder, Michael Kalish
  • Alex Wallace
  • Jeremy Brown, Klaus Dollhopf, Joseph Featherston, Charles Hern, John Marion
  • Hanna Oh
  • Joseph Borja, Erik Lopez, Brian Noh, Jonathan DiLorenzo
  • Michael Dewey-Vogt
  • Jiamin Chen, Elisabeth Sparkman, Yixin Sun
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Classes 27 and 28

Here are the slides from this week:

  • Class 27: Exam 2 [PPTX] [PDF]
  • Class 28: Course Summary [PPTX] [PDF] (including information on project presentations and reports)
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Class 26: Interview Questions

There are no slides for this class, but here are some links to resources about software engineering and programming interviews:

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Classes 24 and 25, Exam 2

Here are the slides from Classes 24 and 25:

  • Class 24: Garbage Collection [PPTX] [PDF]
  • Class 25: Software Disasters! [PPTX] [PDF]

The Exam 2 template is here: exam2.docx.

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No Office Hours Thursday

I will not be able to hold my normal office hours this Thursday. If you want to meet with me, please send email to arrange another time (or come to my Wednesday office hours).

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Exam 2 Correction

There’s a typo in Question 3a. It should read, “Your solution should not introduce any deadlocks in the code.” (instead of “Your solution to not introduce any deadlocks in the code.”). Sorry for the confusion.

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Help hours this week

Today’s earlier help hours will be a little later due to the speaker today.  I will be in the stacks from 3-6 this afternoon, and can stay until 6:30 if there are a lot of questions (since the exam is coming out tomorrow).

Speaking of exam, I will not be having office hours Friday or Monday while the exam is out.  After that time, though, I will be available by email to schedule help hours as needed.

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Exam 2

Exam 2 will be handed out Thursday, 18 November and due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, 23 November. It will cover all material in the class through Class 23, but focus primarily on content from Problem Sets 4 and 5.

Topics you should expect to see on the exam include:

  • Subtyping, Inheritance, Dynamic Dispatch
  • Behavioral Subtyping rules, substitution principle
  • Concurrency abstraction
  • Race conditions, deadlocks
  • Java Security, bytecode verification, code safety

There may also be questions integrating important ideas from earlier in the class such as specification, data abstraction, validation, and software design.

If there are topics you would like me to review in class Tuesday, send them to me by Monday.

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