Final Comments

I have posted the final grades in SIS, so you should be able to see them soon (at least by tomorrow).

Comments on the final exam: [PDF]

Thanks everyone for a great semester, and enjoy your summer!

Conveying Complexity Highlights

This page: Conveying Complexity Highlights contains links to some of the most interesting, illuminating, and/or entertaining submissions for PS7. Enjoy watching the movies, listening to the music, and playing the games! (Alas, HTTP 1.1 does not provide any support for transmitting cakes, however.)

Final Exam Information

The final exam is Thursday, May 13, 9am-noon (as scheduled by the registrar).

It covers the whole course:

  • (in theory) anything in Problem Sets 1-7, Exams 1-2, Classes 1-28, Sipser Ch 1-5+7, Liskov’s talk, assigned readings
  • (in practice) emphasizes most important things that have been covered many times; slight emphasis on material since Exam 2

It will be similar to Exams 1 and 2 except that no resources may be used (no notes at all!).

I will be out of town Thursday [More...]

PS7 Submissions

Please submit your PS7 by posting a comment to this post.

Some reminders from the PS7 handout are below, see that handout for full details.

If you work in a team, your team should jointly post a single submission with all of your names on it.

Your post should include:

  • the names of everyone on the team
  • a description of your target audience
  • either the artifact itself or a link to it if it is hosted elsewhere
  • (optionally) a [More...]
  • Grades in Collab

    I have uploaded your scores on assignments into Collab so you can now verify that I have all your scores recorded correctly. If you notice any discrepancies, please let me know.

    Is the BLEND Problem Blender-Decidable?

    [Larger Image]
    [Hat tip to Michael Chen]

    Reading for this week

    The next reading assignment is Sipser, Chapter 7. (We are skipping Chapter 6.)

    Problem Set 6, originally scheduled to be due on April 20th on the syllabus, will now be due on April 27 (and will be posted soon).

    Thursday office hours

    Sorry, I will not be able to hold my usual Thursday morning this week. Instead, I will have office hours Thursday 11am-1pm.

    Student Council Technology Committee

    Kate McDowell is looking for students to join the Technology Committee of the Student Council, which she is chairing next year.

    They are looking for students with a passion for technology, and all majors and experience levels are welcome. Projects will include:

    • Managing
    • Maintaining SpeakUpUVA
    • Livestreaming StudCo meetings on the web
    • Finding creative new ways to use technology

    To apply, visit Contact Kate McDowell (kam6zx) for details.

    Tuesday's Class, Preparing for Exam 2

    Exam 2 will be handed out Thursday, April 8 and due Tuesday, April 13. It will cover everything through today’s class (Barbara Liskov’s lecture), but emphasize things that have been covered since Exam 1: class 10-18, Problem sets 4 and 5.

    If you have any topics you would like me to review in class Tuesday, or questions you want me to go over, please post them here.

    As a separate game theory challenge, if exactly ONE student in [More...]

    Thursday’s Class: Barbara Liskov’s Talk

    Remember that Thursday’s class will be Barbara Liskov’s talk in Chemistry Auditorium. This is at the same time (2:00pm) as our class normally meets.

    Everyone should find Prof. Liskov’s talk interesting and exciting. You can read more about the talk and her background here:

    Upcoming Turing Award Winner Talks

    Next week there will be two Turing award winners visiting UVa and giving public talks.

    Monday, 29 March, MEC 205 (CHANGE IN VENUE), 3:30pm

    Edmund Clarke, Carnegie Mellon University
    Model Checking: My 27 year Quest to Overcome the State Explosion Problem

    Thursday, 1 April, Chemistry Auditorium, 2:00pm

    Barbara Liskov, MIT
    Security of Internet Storage

    Note that Thursday’s talk is during our scheduled class time. Students should attend Prof. Liskov’s talk (and expect to have questions on the exam based on her talk).

    Thursday morning office hours

    From now on, my Thursday morning office hours will be from 8:45am-10am (not as previously scheduled from 8:30am-9:30am).

    Spring Break Schedule

    There will be no regularly scheduled office hours this week, but I am available for appointments, just send email to arrange a meeting. Enjoy your Spring Break!

    If you do want to get ahead on the course over spring break, the next reading assignment is Chapter 3 in the Sipser book. This is what Problem Set 4 will cover, and it is due on Tuesday, March 23.

    No Thursday morning office hours

    I won’t be able to hold office hours this Thursday morning. I will have my usual office hours after class Thursday.

    Thursday Morning Office Hours

    Since several people have complained that they are not able to make any of the regularly scheduled office hours, I will start holding regular office hours Thursday mornings, 8:30-9:30am. They will start this week, and continue throughout the semester, so long as they appear to be useful.

    Extra Office Hours Monday

    I will hold extra office hours this Monday (Feb 22), noon-1pm (as well as my usual office hours 1-3pm).

    Exam Review Session

    Sonali will hold a review session for Exam 1 on Sunday, February 28, 5-6:30pm in Olsson 228E.

    Survey Responses

    Here are results from the Quick Surveys submitted so far (I will leave the survey open, so you can submit at any time).

    24 surveys were submitted.

    That’s a pretty dismal response rate! The survey was very short and simple to submit, but barely 1/3 of the class did so. Perhaps only people who are unhappy with the class filled in the survey and the majority are perfectly happy with how everything is going. If that’s [More...]

    Quick Survey

    Please give me some quick feedback on how the course is going so far by submitting this survey. (The survey is anonymous, you don’t need to be logged in to submit it.)

    Friday Office Hours

    Sonali has offered to hold office hours Friday mornings starting this Friday. They will be Fridays, 10-11:30am in Thorton Stacks. This is in addition to my regularly scheduled Monday (1:15-3pm) and Thursday (after class-4:30pm) office hours.

    Survey Responses

    Here are my responses to the questions you asked in your submitted registration surveys. (If you think of more questions later, feel free to add them as comments to this post.)

    I’m really interested in security although I have very little knowledge of it. Are there any opportunities for me to learn more?

    Great! There are lots of opportunities to learn about security or get involved in security research at UVa.

    You may be interested in joining the “Security Reading Group”. [More...]

    Registering for cs3102

    Please register for the course blog (you can use a pseudonym if you want), and complete the course registration survey (you must be logged into the blog to do the survey, so register and login first). The survey should be submitted no later than Sunday, January 24.


    Welcome to cs3102: Theory of Computation (the course previously known as “cs302: Discrete Mathematics”).

    Classes start next week. cs3102 meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2-3:15pm in Olsson 120.

    The textbook for this course is:

    Michael Sipser, Introduction to the Theory of Computation (Second Edition). [Amazon]