Final Comments

I have posted the final grades in SIS, so you should be able to see them soon (at least by tomorrow).

Comments on the final exam: [PDF]

Thanks everyone for a great semester, and enjoy your summer!

Conveying Complexity Highlights

This page: Conveying Complexity Highlights contains links to some of the most interesting, illuminating, and/or entertaining submissions for PS7. Enjoy watching the movies, listening to the music, and playing the games! (Alas, HTTP 1.1 does not provide any support for transmitting cakes, however.)

Final Exam Information

The final exam is Thursday, May 13, 9am-noon (as scheduled by the registrar).

It covers the whole course:

  • (in theory) anything in Problem Sets 1-7, Exams 1-2, Classes 1-28, Sipser Ch 1-5+7, Liskov’s talk, assigned readings
  • (in practice) emphasizes most important things that have been covered many times; slight emphasis on material since Exam 2

It will be similar to Exams 1 and 2 except that no resources may be used (no notes at all!).

I will be out of town Thursday [More...]

Class 28: Cakes and Theory in Jeopardy!

Class 28 slides: [PPTX] [PDF]

Jeopardy slides: [PPTX] [PDF]

Thanks everyone for your contributions to the class!

Factorial is faster than Exponential!

Sorry, I was wrong for one of the Jeopardy answers today!

n! is not in O(2n).

It is easy to see that n! < nn, since all the numbers in the product to compute n! are less than (or equal to) n, but this doesn’t prove it is not in O(2n). For that, we can use Sterling’s approximation which gives a tight approximation of the value of n! as

which is definitely not in O(2n) since the base of [More...]

PS7 Submissions

Please submit your PS7 by posting a comment to this post.

Some reminders from the PS7 handout are below, see that handout for full details.

If you work in a team, your team should jointly post a single submission with all of your names on it.

Your post should include:

  • the names of everyone on the team
  • a description of your target audience
  • either the artifact itself or a link to it if it is hosted elsewhere
  • (optionally) a [More...]