Preparing for Exam 1

Exam 1 will be in class on Tuesday, 2 March. It will cover material from Problem Set 1-3, Sipser Chapters 0-2, and Classes 1-9 (through 23 February). For this exam, each student will be permitted to bring one standard-size (8.5×11″) page of notes to use during the exam, but will not be permitted to use any other resources. You may use both sides of the page and generate your notes in any way you choose, but should not use any special reading devices to read your notes (i.e., if you normally use eyeglasses, that is fine, but you shouldn’t design a special microscope to read your notes).

This practice exam from Spring 2008 (the only other time I taught this class) should give you a rough idea want to expect on the Exam:
2008 Exam 1 [PDF]; Exam Comments [PDF] (I recommend trying the exam yourself before reading the comments).

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