Problem Set 5

Problem Set 5 is here: [PDF] [LaTeX template]

Note that the deadline for PS5 has been postponed one week from the original syllabus schedule. It is now due on Tuesday, April 6 (2:00pm).

2 comments to Problem Set 5

  • akg9r

    Will we still get the comments for this PS even if we don’t turn it in until April 6th.
    Also, for #1 part b, are we assuming the coefficients of the polynomial (ci) are all integers?

  • We’ll either talk about some of the problems in class on the 6th, or you’ll get a comments handout.

    For #1b, you should assume all the coefficients are integers. (If the coefficients could be real numbers, then c_0 + x would be enough to produce all real numbers!)