Final Exam Information

The final exam is Thursday, May 13, 9am-noon (as scheduled by the registrar).

It covers the whole course:

  • (in theory) anything in Problem Sets 1-7, Exams 1-2, Classes 1-28, Sipser Ch 1-5+7, Liskov’s talk, assigned readings
  • (in practice) emphasizes most important things that have been covered many times; slight emphasis on material since Exam 2

It will be similar to Exams 1 and 2 except that no resources may be used (no notes at all!).

I will be out of town Thursday and Friday so will not hold office hours this Thursday. Next week there will be two scheduled office hours:

  • Office Hours, Monday (10 May) 1:30-3pm
  • Office Hours, Wednesday (12 May) 4-5:30pm

I am willing to entertain any questions you want during these times, but may decide not to some answer questions directly related to the exam preview handout [PDF].

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