Using LaTeX

This page provides some information on using LaTeX for cs3102. If you have questions, or find any useful resources, please post them in the comments on this post.

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  • If you try building your document using TeXniCenter but there is no PDF file produced, check if you are getting the “GUI framework cannot be initialized” error. This occurs if LaTeX needs to download a missing package, but you haven’t installed the MiKTeX component for displaying GUI elements and selected “Ask me first” for the question about installing missing packages on the fly when you installed MiKTeX. The problem is the component for displaying the dialog box that asks you if you want to install a package is missing! The easy solution is to change your MiKTeX options (run MiKTeX Settings) and select “Yes” for the “Install missing packages on the fly” option. When you install MiKTeX, select “Letter” for Preferred paper, and “Yes” or Install missing packaged on-the-fly.