This is the archived Fall 2013 version of the course.
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Class 1: What is an Operating System?

Action Items

You should do at least these four things before the 11:59pm on 28 August:
  1. Read the Course Syllabus.
  2. Submit a cs4414 student survey.
  3. Visit to indicate times when you could make office hours.
  4. Visit and enroll in the course discussion site. If you are feeling social (and/or want to get a feel for how Piazza works), feel free to post a followup to the "Welcome to cs4414!" post or create your own post if you have questions about the class.
  5. Set up your student github account, following these directions.

I'm really sorry for missing the first two classes. I hope to be fully recovered next week and get everything back on track. Thanks to Yuchen Zhou for covering the class today.

If you have not already, please make sure to complete the action items from Class 0. I understand there have been some problems in downloading the VirtualBox image (which is 1.5GB, so takes some time to download). If you were not able to download it using the original link, please try again with this link:

At Tuesday's class, I will talk about Rust and go through things you will need to know for PS1. Please look through the problem set before class Tuesday, and at least attempt the exercises and look at the code.