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CS588: Cryptology - Principles and Applications, Fall 2001

Manifest: Wednesday 12 September 2001
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Friday, 14 SeptemberCarl Landwehr's talk (Olsson 009, 3:30pm)
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Wednesday, 26 SeptemberProblem Set 2
Monday, 1 OctoberProjects Preliminary Proposal

You don't need to attempt to understand all the gory details of these two papers, but you should read them to get an idea of what goes into a modern block cipher design:

The design took advantage of certain cryptanalytic techniques, most prominently the technique of differential cryptanalysis, which were not known in the published literature. After discussions with NSA, it was decided that disclosure of the design consideration would reveal the technique of differential cryptanalysis, a powerful technique that can be used against many ciphers. This in turn would weaken the competitive advantage the United States enjoyed over other countries in the field of cryptography.

Don Coppersmith, DES designer

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CS 588: Cryptology - Principles and Applications
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