University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS588: Cryptology - Principles and Applications, Fall 2001

Anonymous, ungraded quiz. Don't put your name on it. Don't use your book or notes.
  1. How well do you feel you understand RSA?
    1. I broke it yesterday. The NSA has threatened to do bad things to me if I tell you how, though.
    2. Well enough to implement it.
    3. I understand almost everything in the RSA paper.
    4. Sort of.
    5. Not really.
    6. No clue at all.

  2. Here is the RSA algorithm, with some pieces missing. Fill in the blanks:
    1. Pick 2 large secret primes, p and q.

    2. Let n = _______________ [blank 1]

    3. Choose e and d so: ed ≡ 1 mod _____________ [blank 2]
    4. Encryption function (public): E(M) = Me mod n.

    5. Decryption function (private): D(C) = ___________________ [blank 3]

  3. What is the private key?

  4. What is the range of M that can be reliably transmitted using RSA?

  5. What specific things we have covered in class so far (not limited to just RSA) are you confused on?

  6. Lectures are: ___ Way too fast ___ Too fast ___ Too slow ___ Way too slow

  7. Any suggestions or comments for improving the remainder of the course?

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CS 588: Cryptology - Principles and Applications
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