University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS588: Cryptology - Principles and Applications, Fall 2001

Problem Set 4: Cryptology for the Masses - Selected Responses

Tracy Barger and Dana Wortman, 'Twas the Night Before Melissa.

Mike Cuvelier and Joe Wolf, Password Security in Iambic Pentameter by M.J. Rhymes & J.D. Flow

Jon Erdman and Michael Neve, How are your Internet secrets being protected?. Published in Cavalier Daily, 15 November 2001.

David Friedman and Keen Browne, Cyber-terrorism: More nuisance than threat. Published in Cavalier Daily, 29 November 2001.

Adam Glaser and Portman Wills, Safe Computing @ UVA (12 minute, 175MB Quicktime Movie, don't attempt to download this unless you are on a high-speed connection)

Stephen Liang and Eric Peeters, Password Length Comic

Ken Pickering and Adam Sowers, RSA WARS (Flash Movie)

CS 655 University of Virginia
Department of Computer Science
CS 588: Cryptology - Principles and Applications
David Evans