Presentation Schedule

November 30th, 2009 by David Evans

Here’s the schedule for the project presentations:

Tuesday, 1 December
Derek Davis, Improved Security Through Dynamic Instrumentation
Michael Deighan, Secure Electronic Health Records: The German Experience
Carrie Ruppar and Ryan Layer
Zak Fry

Thursday, 3 December
Kirti Chawla, Analyzing and Safeguarding Human-Kinesics Information in Wirelessly Instrumented Space
Yan Huang
Tianhao Tong, Secure Data from Unknown Third Party Gadgets
Yu Yao and Jiawei Wang

Tuesday, 8 December
Yuchen Zhou
Mona Sergi and Paul Diorio, Information in Camoflauge
Minh Le
Ming Mao and Chih-hao Shen, Web Services in Clouds with Privacy Almost FREE

You should prepare to give a 15 minute presentation on your project, and there will be a few minutes for questions following your presentation. You’ll find some advice for giving good talks here.

The final project reports are due Friday, December 11 (by 4:59pm). See the project page for details on the final reports. Please turn in your report both on paper (drop off at my office) and by email.

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  1. mdeighan Says:

    Michael Deighan’s project slides

  2. dmdavis Says:

    Derek Davis’ slides –

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