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CS655: Programming Languages, Spring 2001

Manifest: Thursday 12 April 2001

Thursday, 19 April (in class)Problem Set 4
24-26 AprilProject Presentations
Tuesday, 1 MayProject Report

Linda is a clean and simple model for concurrent programming. Sun's JavaSpaces (used by Jini) is based directly on Linda.


We allow physical memory access, something that regular Java doesn't," Bollela said. "But it's pretty controlled, so we think it's pretty safe."

The result of these changes to Java is a modification to Sun's Java tagline, "write once, run anywhere."

The phrase is "a marketing slogan I don't actually like much," Gosling said. And in the real-time area, he prefers the heavily modified phrase, "write once carefully, run anywhere conditionally."

Excerpted from Sun bends rules for nimbler Java, Cnet News, 11 April 2001.

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CS 655: Programming Languages
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