Mia Hamm vs. Mark McGwire Comments

This page collects messages received about my Mia Hamm/Mark McGwire page. Some email adresses have been hidden to protect the misguided.

Subject: about your Mia/McGwire page
From: hidden@aol.com
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 01:31:17 EDT

Obviously, when something is written in all capitals and starts with a grammatical error it must be important. Since he seems like an expert, I replied asking for more information:

Thanks for your comments.  I don't know enough about Mark McGwire to say
if he is a bad guy or not, but if my page makes you think so that's
fine.  Which items do you think are unfair?

--- Dave

The followup:

From: hidden@aol.com
Subject: Re: about your Mia/McGwire page
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 13:42:14 EDT
ok you just e-mailing me and said i dont know enough about mark mcgwire but 
you have a done a page on him. ok here are the unfair ones...


-hitting 70 homeruns is more of an accomplishment, or atleast its a tie.
-how many times has mcgwire meet gretzky
-they dont have a national team for baseball, its called the Major leagues
-Im 16 year-old who likes McGwire and all my friends do so typical fan is any 
-plays nomar's favorite sport? how the hell is that a catagory?
-he doesnt have a shoe and doesnt do as many commercals cuz hes all about the 
sport, he doenst have to put on a show, he just takes care of business.
-he doesnt need a book written about him to tell people hes great. 
-people dont like him cuz hes good looking, people like him cuz hes GREAT!

NOW if i was to make a page like this but make it for McGwire i could have 
stupid catagorys like this.....

Who can bench more?
Who can hit a baseball farther?
Whos arms are bigger?
Which one plays Micheal Jordans Favorite sport?

Dont get me wrong cuz i really like Mia, but your making it sound like 
McGwire hasnt done anything in his career, your not giving him any credit!

Obviously, the jury is still out and more careful scientific analysis is needed before this important matter can be decided.

Hey, forget Mark McGwire and Mia Hamm.  The best athlete in the world
right now is Marion Jones.  Next month Marion will be favored to win
four world track and field championships and may win a fifth if she
decides to enter that event.  Marion hasn't lost in the 100 or 200m
runsin two years and only lost the long jump last monht because of an
injury at the US championships.

I'm sick of the McGuire and Hamm hype.  Marion's the best and nobody
knows it.

Jim Lonier
Aiea, HI

Its amazing how things have changed! My whole point of putting this page up was that the media has so completely ignored Mia Hamm's record breaking achievement at the same time as we were innundated with Mark McGwire. The Women's World Cup has changed all that, and the US Women's Soccer team (and especially Mia Hamm) have gotten a tremendous amount of coverage (even from the true arbiter of American culture, David Letterman. The question is will it last after the lustre of the tournament has faded? And, when will a US men's soccer player get so much attention?

From: removed@aol.com
Subject: your page
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 17:11:45 EDT
take out the stuff where McGwire wins.  Make it all Mia.
Interesting that the timestamp on this message is during the middle of the Women's World Cup Final!

From: "r.l.falk"
Subject: Re/Hidden@aol
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 19:23:32 -0700
The jury is back  after a brief deliberation on "Hidden@aol....."  The
panel, who declined to render a harsh verdict, concluded that our 16
year old McGuire  fan has been in the sun too long at too many
ballparks. Not only are his frontal lobes in danger of atrophy, but his
absence from the class room (read: English grammar) is self evident.  It
is frightening to think that this skull full of mush lacking both logic
and communication skills will be able to vote in a few years. For the
record, Mark McGuire is a fine athlete, but Mia Hamm wins the All Around
bigtime no matter how you stack the charts.   All the best, Ricks Falk
From: removed@aol.com
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 03:03:25 EDT
Subject: Mia hamm
Not to mention that Mia has much prettier legs, a beautiful smile, and is 
generally an all around better role model.

From: removed@aol.com
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 21:47:28 EDT
Subject: Another look.......
Waz up~
	I was looking for a site on UNC and found this interesting one.  I 
was really impressed to see that someone has taken the time to recognize a 
female athlete and her accomplishments.  Since the USA women's team has won 
the world cup it has given little girls and female athletes all over the 
world a hope in that they to can succeed at being an athlete and get credit 
they deserve for it!  Thanks for putting together this page to showcase to 
the world that its not only male athletes that break records, endorse 
products, and provide inspiration to kids.  Mia Hamm is a talented athlete 
along with the entire US women's team.  "I am woman, watch me score!" ~Stacy 

From: GROOVY9132@aol.com
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 00:51:20 EDT

From: GROOVY9132@aol.com
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 00:54:14 EDT
Groovy is obviously of two minds on the issue.

From: "Big T"
Subject: Incorrect info
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 18:09:24 -0500
You said Mark McGwire has zero World Championships.  Incorrect.  Oakland =
A's team he played for won World Series.  P.S. - It is not a good idea =
to try and build up Mia Hamm (or anyone else) by tearing down someone =
else's achievements.  Mark McGwire is a great champion-so is Mia Hamm.  =
You will obviously never be.
Didn't know that, but I'll take his word for it. Still, calling something a "World" series doesn't make it so --- last I checking the world had more than two countries in it.

From: hidden@aol.com
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 03:18:15 EDT
Subject: mark vs. mia
okay i have played baseball for 10 years now and i have hit many homeruns in 
that time. I have now moved on to more challenging sports like waterpolo 
which takes some of the same skills like soccer. All i can say is that 
hitting a homerun takes skill but also a lot of luck.  If a pitcher is 
pitching 90 mph witch a lot of pitchers do in the mlb its not that difficult. 
Playing polo has taught me how much harder it is to score goal than to hit a 
homerun.  And about the comment on mark is all about the sport and not about 
the commercials well he doesnt need money i am sure mia doesnt get paid as 
much as mark does,baseball players need to get a life and not require so much 
money.  I give mia soooo much credit for making it big in sports and i wish 
that all womens sports could get the credit for working just as hard as the 
guys.  Mark is a good player but making big as a male is nothing compared to 
being a stud on the womens world cup soccer team.

From: hiddenaol.com
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 15:58:17 EDT
It's really hard to compare Mark Mc Gwire and Mia Hamm because these are two 
totally different individuals. Not only are they male and female but they are 
participating in two very different sports. Each are deserving in their own 
respects but to try and compare them is idiotic and tasteless. If you want to 
start a conflict between mens' and women's sports then I guess you've 
accomplished your objective.
From: "Coan, Jeff"
Subject: Webpage
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 15:31:19 -0500
I enjoyed that web page.  I must admit that I am ignorant in the fact that
one day I was flipping the channels and saw women's soccer.  I grew up on
soccer and it's one of the few sports I can sit and watch.  The announcers
kept talking about number 9 and some slump she was in, poor Mia Hamm they
would say and I was thinking this poor woman.  Then I saw her and the
intensity she played with.  I was an instant fan.

Although I don't have anything really interesting to say I will share my
favorite quote with you from Ralphy Emerson "Your actions speak so loud I
can not hear what you say."  Mia and the USA Team are very loud with their
actions.  Keep up the good work!

Jeff Coan
Indianapolis, IN
From: hidden
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 20:44:23 EDT
Loved your page.....so what if the media over did it this summer on the WWC! 
It only begins to make up for year's of neglect and uneven coverage. For 
those of us who have been playing the sport and preaching it's potential to 
glaze-eyed NFL/MLB/NBA addicts our whole lives it was very satisfying to 
watch the rest of America watch, cheer on, and grow to adore our girls of 
summer. It may have been a passing fancy, one shining moment in the timeline 
of popular sports, but they saw, they FELT that excitement, the tension, the 
delight we feel every time we play or watch a good match. Even in a 0-0 tie 
they stood and cheered! Mia and her teammates deserve the attention.
-Name Withheld
PS: I am alsoa huge NFL,NBA and MLB fan, but my eyes don't glaze over when someone wants to introduce a new sports to me.
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 1999 19:27:09 -0500
From: Michael Kolan
Obviously this page was made by a female.  Mia Hamm is not even
comparable to Mark McGwire.  McGwire is much better.
From: "bicolboy.tx"
Subject: the M & M factor (mark/mia comparison)
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 00:22:12 -0500
hmmm...interesting page you put up there, buddy.

i'll be the first in line to defend a player like mcgwire since i'm a big a 
baseball fan but being a guy does not mean i will seat idly by and let 
someone like hamm go undefended and no, not b/c i am a bigger soccer 
fanatic either.
let's face it...mia & the girls of the USWNT are what ad people like to 
deem as "convenient packaging"...they are only good when they are in the 
spotlight, a la "15 secs. of fame"
why else would wheaties refuse to feature the '99 WWC champs on their box 
or sportscasters devote only "obligated" time to the girls when covering 
them during the olympics or world cup? god forbid if america had to sit 
thru more than 5 mins. of women's soccer coverage...
c'mon folks...uncle sam is & will always be a baseball kinda nation, even 
the boys of the MLS get more recognition than the upcoming WUSA...why else 
would the inaugural game be featured on a b.s. station like TNT instead of 
on ESPN or heaven help us, on a national network like ABC where the MLS 
games are played......  :-o

am glad someone out there had the friggin' balls to do what you did. me, i 
would've just picked up a bat and used some a-hole's head for batting 
practice should they put down mia & the girls for the mere sake that they 
are women whilst i happen to be in the same room and within earshot...heh 
heh   ;>
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2001 20:12:36 -0700
From: Yvonne Shoop
Subject: Hamm vs. McQwire
My daughter is a hugh fan of Mia Hamm.  We really enjoyed your comparison to Mark
McQwire.  We definately get your point and agree with you!!!

Girls Rule!!!  We only hope the coverage changes in the future!
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 23:32:27 -0700
From: hidden

Okay where do I begin, oh, first of all, Bonds has taken the record from Mark so I guess he is no longer the greatest, also in the words of Robin Williams "soccer is bigger than babseball because everyone plays it, not like the World Series because the French don't have a team" Also for you Basketball fanatics out there something Kobre Bryant said "I wouldn't have half the cordination for b-ball if it wasn't for soccer." ESPN has just named being the leading soccer scorer in the world as the hardest sports accomplishment because it takes years (15) for Mia, not one season like Mark, and it doesn't happen too often, hence Bonds. They also name being the leader in caps(most soccer games played) as the second hardest achievement because that too takes a lot of fitness because you can never miss a game ot get injured for 15 or more years, you have to fight through personal problems giving birth like Carla Overbeck and Joy Fawcett, lets see Mark do that, weddings, deaths, ect...Basically soccer is harder than baseball, and the only reason baseball is Americas pastime is because something had to be. Not because it was the greatest sport, that's like saying Elvis is the King because he brought about a new wave of music and dancing. No he isn't because a King wouldn't be so weak minded to kill himself when he accepted with open arms from the American public. Oh wait we do still call him the King. It's not because he is the same goes with Mark it's because fathers and grandfathers before you played baseball because they didn't have the balls to plat soccer. So lets face it boys, soccer is better than baseball, Mia is better than Mark and trust me 20 or 30 years from now billions more will agree because soccer will be extremely mainstream, just give it time, you'll see. :)

Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 00:10:32 -0500
Subject: MArk Mcgwire great NOOOO
 Hello, I am writing about MArk Mcgwire.  He is in no way great he is
 rude and has no respaect for his fans.  He was a
jerk to a six year old who yes happens to be my nephew.  My nephew cried
 when he left baseball all he wanted in life was
to play with him.
    my nephew tyler had a chance to meet him and was told bu the great
 Mark he would give him aautograph after teh golf
game.  Well he left ou tthe back door wow what a man.  We asked my
 nephew if he was sad and all he said was Why did he
trick me??  So as far as I see it any one is better then Mark Mcgwire. 
   Hope this get posted thanks

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