Next Thursday (Feb 24), there will be an interesting talk on Enigma and cryptanalysis during our normal class time. So, instead of having class, I encourage everyone to go to the talk. The talk is 11am Thursday, Feb 24 in PHS 218.

I have adjusted the presentation schedule to move some of the presentations to later dates. If you have a problem with the new schedule, please let me know soon.

David J Saltman, Director, Center for Communications Research (IDA) – Princeton


Abstract: During World War II, the Germans used a mechanical coding machine that we call ENIGMA. Though it was thought to be “unbreakable”, in fact the Allies very often could break these codes and this fact was extremely important in winning the war. I will discuss this machine, and the ideas used to break it by first the Poles, and then the British as use of the machine changed. Another goal of the talk is to speak about career paths and summer opportunities for mathematics students working for the U.S. on modern versions of such problems.