Here are the directions for submitting your bot (which is due before midnight tonight). Please follow these directions closely so it will be easy for me to run the tournament.

  1. Pick a name for your team (that is creative enough the probability another team picks the same name is negligible).
  2. Create a zip file,, that contains a directory name/, so when I unzip the file all of your files will be in that directory.
  3. The zip file should contain:
    • A subdirectory name/src/ containing the source code for your bot. In that directory there should be a Makefile so when I execute cd name/src/; make it will build the executable for your bot in a file named name_player. The build should work on a standard department install Ubuntu machine (such as
    • A subdirectory name/bin/ containing a Linux binary for your bot. (I will only use this if there are problems with the build.)

    If there are any libraries needed to build your bot, please include them in your zip file if possible so I will not need to install anything else to build it. If there is a reason you can’t do this, let me know in advance.

  4. Send me a message with subject line Poker Bot Submission: name. The email should be cc:’d to all of the members of your team. The body of the email should contain the name of your team, a list of all the team members. The zip file should be attached to the message.

    In addition to the code, you need to also submit “A PDF document that describes your bot. It should explain your design and testing strategy, and include interesting insights from your experience. This document should also clearly describe the sources of any code that you did not write yourselves (or obtain from the provided code).”. If your report is ready, you can attach it to the email you send. If you prefer to have more time to finish the report, it is okay to send the report attached to a separate email that I received before 5pm Saturday, March 19.