The tournament logs are posted here: Probably the best way to retrieve these is to use the CS filesystem (/home/evans/public_html/poker/logs).

If you are willing to post your final bot, please do so in the comments for this post. This isn’t required, but it would be very helpful to everyone if you are willing to publicly post your bot source code and report.

For those interested in software quality, here’s what happens when I try to zip all the logs:

updating: logs/tournament-match-bcy-Xiaoyuan_Hui-d0.player1.err (deflated 98%)
updating: logs/tournament-match-bcy-Xiaoyuan_Hui-d0.player1.std (stored 0%)
updating: logs/tournament-match-bcy-Xiaoyuan_Hui_update-d0.err (deflated 90%)
updating: logs/tournament-match-bcy-Xiaoyuan_Hui_update-d0.log (deflated 78%)
updating: logs/tournament-match-bcy-Xiaoyuan_Hui_update-d0.player0.err (stored 0%)
updating: logs/tournament-match-bcy-Xiaoyuan_Hui_update-d0.player0.std (stored 0%)
updating: logs/tournament-match-bcy-Xiaoyuan_Hui_update-d0.player1.err (deflated 93%)
updating: logs/tournament-match-bcy-Xiaoyuan_Hui_update-d0.player1.std (stored 0%)
zip I/O error: No space left on device
zip error: Temporary file failure (zi6fvL0H)
*** glibc detected *** zip: double free or corruption (!prev): 0x000000000203a9a0 ***
======= Backtrace: =========
======= Memory map: ========
00400000-0042c000 r-xp 00000000 68:01 10214021                           /usr/bin/zip
0062b000-0062c000 r--p 0002b000 68:01 10214021                           /usr/bin/zip
0062c000-0062e000 rw-p 0002c000 68:01 10214021                           /usr/bin/zip