The last possible time to turn in the final project is Sunday, 15 May at 11:59pm (local time).

To submit your final each team should:

  • Post a final report PDF document (as a comment to this page).
  • Submit by email a zip file containing your bot source code and binary (following the same directions as for Project 1, but following them more closely than most teams did for Project 1!). You can also post your bot or a link to your bot on the site (but it is not required to do so).

Before Saturday, 14 May at 4:59pm each individual should send me an email with answers to the following questions:

  1. Are you interested in continuing to work on this towards a bot to submit to the ACPC on July 1?
  2. If so, explain what time commitment you would want to make to this (i.e., hours per week from not until July 1).
  3. How interested are you in attending the ACPC at the AAAI 2011 conference (August 9-10 in San Francisco)?
  4. If you want to attend it, do you have your own source of funding or would you need funds from me?
  5. Would you be interested in presenting a poster at the poster session for the ACPC? (Note: we need to notify them of interest in this by May 15.)
  6. Are you interested in participating in “home games” during the summer?