20 JanuaryDavid EvansIntroduction
22 JanuaryDavid EvansProbability and GamesBillings Dissertation, Chapters 1 and 2
1 FebruaryDavid EvansInductive Learning
3 FebruaryDavid EvansLearning Hidden Markov Models
10 FebruaryBen Kreuter, Ben Rodes Billings dissertation chaptersBillings Dissertation, Chapters 1-3
15 February Matthew Yu, Yuchen Zhou Borel and von Neumann poker modelsPapers
17 FebruaryYikan Chen, Weikeng QinEvolutionary AlgorithmsReadings
22 FebruaryXiaoyuang Wang, Colin BraleyMost popular poker game in China: Golden FlowerVideo of Golden Flower
24 FebruaryDavid Satlman's Enigma Talk in PHS 218.
1 MarchPeter Chapman, Brielin BrownOpponent Modeling
2 March Yajun Wang, Ben KreuterKoller and Pfeffer,
Generating and Solving Imperfect Information Games
Make-Up Class, Wednesday, 6pm, Olsson 228E
3 MarchSahnghyun Cha, Hui ShuPoker Probabilities
10 MarchProject 1 preliminary deadline
15 MarchSamee Al Islam, Yan HuangCFR Minimization
17 MarchBen Kreuter, Matthew YuSupport Vector Machines
17 MarchProject 1 due
22 MarchProject 1 Results
24 MarchYuchen Zhou, Xiaoyuang WangAdaBoost, SVM
29 MarchBen Rodes, Yikan ChanMonte Carlo Method
31 MarchBot Work Session
5 AprilColin Braley, Samee Al Islam
7 AprilWeikeng Qin, Matthew Yu
12 AprilBrielin Brown, Sahnghyun Cha
14 AprilBot Work Session
19 AprilHui Shu, Peter Chapman
21 AprilBot Work Session
26 AprilOpen
28 AprilBot Work Session
3 MayLast Day of Class