The goal for the final project is to build a bot that can be competitive in the 2011 Annual Computer Poker Competition.

The game we will target is the 3-player, limit hold ‘em. The game is described by the file included in the ACPC server distribution.


For this project, I would recommend forming teams of 3-6 people to have enough team members to form sub-teams that work on different aspects of your bot development. Your teams do not need to be the same as the teams for the first project, and I hope everyone will be willing to cooperatively share their code from the first project that may be helpful for this project. You may also want to consider combining forces with another team from the first project to form a larger team. I would also encourage you to form your teams with a goal towards bringing together a variety of different areas of expertise and interest, so you will have members of your team who want to focus on different aspects of building a strong bot. I believe everyone in the class knows each other well enough to form teams on your own now, but if you need help forming a team, let me know.


Team Formation. By Monday, 28 March, all teams should be finalized. You should post the name of your team, and its members as a comment to this page.

Preliminary Submission. Due Thursday, 14 April, 11:59pm. Post a preliminary bot binary and PDF document describing your design and plans (as a comment to this page).

APCP Interest. The deadline for expressing interest in the APCP is 1 May. I would like to get a clear indication from all the teams of their interest before this date, and we will need to figure out how we want to enter the competition.

Final (Class) Submission. Due Tuesday, 10 May, 11:59pm. Post a final report PDF document (as a comment to this page), and submit by email a zip file containing your bot source code and binary (following the same directions as for Project 1, but following them more closely than most teams did for Project 1!).

Final Competition Submission. The final submissions for the APCP competition are due 1 July, 11:59 PM PST.