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MAY 22, 2002

1 Solving the B2B content problem
Meta Group advises organizations to take a hard look at content network technologies--because they will likely provide the first viable option for B2B content value chains. Full story

2 ebXML: The debate continues
Commentary: Sharp responses to Eric Knorr's column on ebXML last week offer penetrating insights into the technical and business issues underlying electronic B2B trade. Full story

ebXML: A B2B standard on hold

3 Fixes for sourcing deals gone sour
Not every deal you strike with a service provider will stand the test of time. Market, technology, or business changes can render a deal as less than ideal. These options can help put things right. Full story

Outsourcing Update Center

Net firms embrace traditional advertising
Internet ad sellers are busy negotiating standards and creating research tools that will allow buyers to compare Internet inventory to traditional media such as television. Full story

Net ads--making a comeback?

Instant messaging, instant service
Does your e-commerce site suffer from shopping cart abandonment? Adrian Mello says instant messaging offers a promising new channel for customer service. Full story

 Latest News
UPDATED: 5/21/02 2:28 PM PT
Google asks users to try new technologies
AOL reshuffles ad group--lays off 120
Poll exposes cracks in AOL's armor
IBM wants a piece of the e-learning pie
Online ticket market pressures scalpers
Orbitz files for IPO
Ensim hosting may give Microsoft a lift
Patent Office tries to go paperless
Toysrus.com losses shrink
Microsoft to revamp portal software
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How customer behavior can pinpoint site usability issues
If your e-commerce site isn't meeting revenue goals, it may have some usability issues. Here's how to pinpoint the problem areas by analyzing your customers' on-site behavior.  Full story

Usability, organization key site-visitor satisfaction

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Preparing the enterprise chain for c-commerce
The new e-business philosophy of collaborative commerce is bringing ERP, CRM, supply chain management, and e-procurement together to form one intelligible system within and between enterprises. Find out how to prepare for this e-commerce revolution. Full story

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